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Mochu Pop

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App Description

World’s First Multiple Language Immersion Game for Babies and Toddlers. Kadho’s New App Teaches the Building Blocks of Spanish, French, Italian and English.

The App, created by an international team of renowned gamers, scientists and educators, teaches a child not just their own language but also the tools to learn any language throughout their lifetime! The app has been tested at Montessori schools and even Noam Chomsky says “it has the key ingredients for language acquisition”. It’s available for download at no cost – magnifique! More free apps and eBooks are coming this summer.

Mochu Pop features pleasing music in the background as the child plays the interactive game. The happy penguin, dressed in a striped scarf, taps his feet and smiles with his eyes as the game progresses. Animated characters Moon and Sun pop up as the differently shaped balloons float by. App options include a volume
control, a blue light filter to protect young eyes and a parental dashboard to
monitor your little one’s performance.

Kadho’s games and ebooks mimic living in English, French, Spanish, and Italian speaking countries. Our apps expose children to the world’s most important sounds identified and selected by scientists, linguists, and child development experts for learning the world’s languages. These are the fundamental “foreign sounds” that make up languages. These sounds are presented in a custom manner that exposes a child to these sounds in a natural manner they can learn.

The goals of these games are to develop not only a child’s language abilities but their entire Neurofoundation™.

Founded by two PhDs, and being backed by a strong network of early childhood educators, linguists, neuroscientists and child psychologists, Kadho is utilizing the last 50 years of brain science to develop games and eBook to maintain and enhance the innate language abilities that children are born with.

Over 50 years of science has shown the most critical phases of early childhood education actually begin at birth till age three. This time is a window of opportunity for the proper formation of Neurofoundation™ for the brains core connections needed for basic sensory, social and emotional processing and understanding. Kadho aims to lead the advancement of child development research and improve children’s lives everywhere. Kadho’s goals are to support, enhance and supplement traditional child raising so that, no matter what a child’s economic or social circumstance might be, he can reach his full language potential.

Kadho produces a collection of eBooks and games that foster parent and child interaction through play and exploration
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