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App Description

Category:Social Networking
Kindkudos is an easy-to-use app for sharing and spreading kindness and gratitude. Safely keep your most meaningful kudos in one easily accessible place. Kindkudos also shows you how many times and where your kindness is paid forward on an interactive map.

Imagine seeing and hearing kind thoughts from the people you care about anytime you want a boost.

• Don’t have time for a long conversation with your Mom? Send her a kudo.
• Know someone having a hard time? Ask friends to send them kudos.
• Want your spouse to know how much you love him or her? Send an awesome kudo.
• Grandparents can’t come for the holidays? Have the kids video a kudo you know will make them smile

Make someone happy. Send a kudo today!


• Receive and securely store your kudos.
• Send private voice, video or text messages.
• Share photos with your kudos.
• Spread kindness. A “pay it forward” prompt encourages users to send kudos to others and shows where and how far their kindness has spread on the Kindkudos interactive map.

The Kindkudos advantage:

• The only app that both inspires and helps people spread kindness.
• Keep your kudos right in your pocket so you can access them anytime.
• Sending a kudo is easier and more convenient than a phone call, email or SMS.
• Kudos are authentic because they are personal and private. Share what you really feel without having to worry about what others think.
• Archive your loved ones’ voices so a part of them will always be with you.

When people know they are loved and appreciated they are happier, kinder and more compassionate.

Scientists have shown that expressing gratitude and kindness boosts happiness for both the giver and receiver. So make someone’s day, send them a kudo and watch how kindness spreads.