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App Description

The best 3D online fighting game of the year 2014. Players can use different schools of martial arts and different actions of martial arts to experience the most incisive and vivid feeling of action fighting, Players can also fight in a dozen of realistic 3D scenes. All these will try to bring the real experience of KungFu fighting. The game provides training mode, robot mode and networking mode to fight with other players online... What are you still waiting for? Come on! Let us start fighting together!

How to enter game:
Input Username and password in Login window will automatically complete signup process and enter game.

Important note:
Recommend to use iPhone4, iPod Touch5, iPad3, iPad Mini and latter devices to ensure the quality of the game.

If there is a problem in the charging process, please contact

2014年最强3D网络格斗游戏,精心为iOS设计。玩家可以使用不同武术流派,不同武术动作,体验畅快淋漓的打斗感,可以穿着精美的服饰,使用各种道具,在十几个真实的3D场景中进行战斗,这些都力求给玩家带来最真实的格斗体验。游戏内提供,训练模式,机器人对打模式,真人联网对战模式等多种玩法。你还等什么?来!让我们一起 斗吧!


建议使用iPhone4, iPod Touch5, iPad3,iPad Mini以及更新的设备,以保证游戏的运行流畅。
建议连接离自己所在区域最近的游戏服务器,以保证网络对战的流 。