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Legend of Ace: Match-3 Quest

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App Description

Legend of Ace – Casino Quest is a blend of match 3 puzzle and casino games.
A FREE puzzle game where you can win chips and gold bars by playing casino games like slots, cards and poker!

The Story

The Evil Sorcerer has returned to Casino Land and kidnapped the Queen. Casino Land is looking for players to become a worthy knight to save the Queen from the Evil Sorcerer. To pry the Queen away, the Sorcerer cast a spell on the King’s Knight Jack and his loyal jester the Joker. Now you must defeat the puzzle game and travel the saga map to reach the Sorcerers world. Beat the final level and save the Queen.

Now a hero must rise...Are you worthy?

Join Ace and Jack as you discover awesome new match combos and special weapons as you smash your way through more than 200 challenging match-3 levels. Play with friends to unlock strategic advantages helping you beat each level with slot credits, card draws and antes. Along the way earn cards for every star you earn on each level and build a poker hand by trading cards with your friends! 

Building poker hands unlocks slot machines where you can Win chips to buy Special Weapons and Perks in the game to help you beat levels faster. Compete with friends to see who can get the top score!

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