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Moral Code (Advice and Support)




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Category: Social Networking



MORAL CODE allows people to find solutions to their dilemmas by sharing them
anonymously with others in the Moral Code Universe.

Moral Code, a universal iOS Application for those of you who are struggling with a
moral dilemma and the advice of friends and family is not enough. Moral Code is an
Application where you can share your dilemma, ANONYMOUSLY, to fellow “Moral Coders” and they in turn get to share their thoughts and opinions on the issues. Of course the main benefit to doing this anonymously is that you don’t have to filter yourself. Just lay it all out there for the best and most honest results!

Share it baby! Let it out! Moral Code is finally here. It’s totally cathartic!

It’s honest, insightful and totally entertaining!
You’ll become addicted. Don’t say we didn’t warn you!

And for those who think they know it all and love giving advice. Pick a dilemma. Browse through different categories or type in a key word and advice away. And to step it up a notch. Before you participate in a dilemma, you must select from two buttons. A naughty or nice button. Each dilemma will post the latest stats on how many of those who have participated in your dilemma says be good or go for naughty.

Life's difficult choices are now easier to navigate with the Moral Code App!


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App Screenshot: Moral Code (Advice and Support) App Screenshot: Moral Code (Advice and Support) App Screenshot: Moral Code (Advice and Support) App Screenshot: Moral Code (Advice and Support) App Screenshot: Moral Code (Advice and Support)

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