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Mouse Shot

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App Description

Jump into battle with a duel as old as time! Mice vs cats- arch enemies- gather in Mouse Shot for an ultimate epic fight. The cats are hungry and the mice are scared. Your job is to protect the mice from the hungry, vicious cats that are attacking!

● Cartoon style graphics
● Explore 10 locations
● Watch eternal foes battle
● Draw paths for bullets
● Unlock new stages

Fight the cats by sending bullets at them. However, the bullets do more than just go straightforward. Draw curves and paths for the bullets to fly along towards their targets. Bullets either bounce off objects or destroy them completely. Combine shots from multiple mice to increase their attack strength.

See if you can beat your high score! Earn more points by completing mission objectives. Kill the designated number of cats before time runs out and the mice become dinner!

Each location has cartoon style graphics. The locations are bright and simple. New locations are constantly being added, so keep checking back for more!

Download Mouse Shot today to start protecting mice from hungry cats!