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Movie Mode

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App Description

Remember when you're at the movies and your phone keeps vibrating for a call. You pick it up, only to realize it's one of your service providers reminding you about bill payments. Annoyed, you end the call and go back to the movie only to realize you missed a really great part! Now, you won't have to experience this problem again. Movie Mode screens all your calls when you're at the movies, driving, in a meeting, streaming video, or playing video games. You won't have to settle for interruptions again, except from EMERGENCIES! It sets your phone to only let emergency calls get through, while blocking unnecessary calls and leaving the caller a message that you're not available. You'll never be disturbed with cold calls, promotions, or drunken calls from ex lovers while enjoying your "me" time! Finally, an app that can leave you in peace. An app that can screen your calls, while you enjoy time for yourself!