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App Description

A low cost effective application to keep your medical history.

MyBloodWorks will provide a snapshot history of your medical vitals and blood work. The greater the input the more the history you can compare to.

Monitor your blood pressure, pulse, and weight between doctor’s visits and monitor it yourself.Then show or email your results to your Physician.

Track all the blood levels you want to see. Get a copy of your blood results your physician and input it in the Blood Works Screen. It takes very little time to do.

You may need to track different levels at different times, you can easily add any blood level you may want to see and track.

Your medications are all stored and at your fingertips for easy viewing and going over your list with your Physician.

Input all of your emergency contacts and have them all in one spot. Use this for Family Emergency numbers as well. You may need an emergency phone number really fast, which are all in My Blood Works application and not scrambled within u your contact list. It's easy, just push the Call Button on the screen

MyBloodWorks application includes:

History and graphs for blood pressure, weight, and pulse.

Blood work by date and history.

Glucose level for Diabetics. It has the ability to add A1C level.
A list of all your Medications, dosage, and strength.

Appointment page for doctor appointment’s and next blood draw date.

Easy access emergency phone number.

All information on My Blood Works is stored in your Smart Phone and confidential.