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App Description

Novelinked – Where Old Books Meet New Friends!!

The world’s first truly FREE Book App dedicated to helping you save money on buying new books while at the same time providing a social communication channel to meet new people.

PARENTS, find more books in the series your kids love reading, YOUNG ADULTS who love reading, get your latest fix of Romantic Love Stories or Non-Fiction Stories while meeting new friends with common reading interests, BOOK CLUB MEMBERS, create your own book communities by adding like-minded readers into a chat room, STUDENTS can also try their hand at using it as a Student Book Exchange App to sell their college books.

Our App is packed with functionality like cataloging books and reading preferences, matching of reading preferences of users based on proximity and a messaging window to Chat & Swap Books. You can now have a virtual library of second hand books of your favorite authors at the tips of your finger at a location convenient to you. The recycling element keeps you environmentally conscious too. The best thing of all is you meet up with new friends with common reading interests. Let’s keep the habit of reading the good old fashion way alive.

Features including discovering books and people around you, browse book collections of other people, chatting with them and exchange your books. Create crowd sourced libraries for reading books in every corner of the world. Novelinked is an app for book lovers. Remember those cartons full of books lying in the garage and cupboards or a book shelf full of books collecting dust? You can simply upload your books by scanning the bar-code at the back of the book or manually entering the book title and watch your book come alive.

Novelinked free books app was developed from the love of books to explore new authors and stories.

Download Novelinked now to join our growing community of book lovers!


1) Bar code scanning of ISBN to catalog your books: Scan the ISBN bar code or manually upload book information while permitting us to use your location

2) Upload your reading preferences: Tell us what books, authors and category of books you like, manage then conveniently to optimize your book matches

3) Generate Potential Book Matches: Search books conveniently located near you by selecting your cataloged location or current location and distance away

4) Initiate an exchange / chat: Invite your match to exchange the book and chat with them in our in-built chat window to decide location to meet up

- The service and books are absolutely free
- Read published books of popular authors not usually available in e-book format
- Flexible platform which can be used to exchange books OR to meet up, socialize and make new friends
- Get more books in a book series your kids love reading
- Introduce your kids to new authors without having to buy the book
- We use your reading preferences to generate book matches, not social media profiles
- Use the platform to sell expensive university and college text books
- Keep you space requirements for a bookshelf to the minimum reducing clutter in the home

Start Swapping Books & Make New Friends!