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App Description

PATTERNBOX was created to file and catalog sewing patterns. Most seamstresses and seamsters have dozens of sewing patterns; with Patternbox its easy find a pattern and get information you need! By simply taking a photo of the front and back of the patterns, the user can file the pattern under the corresponding category, such as dresses, pants, tops, ect, already loaded in app. Once the user has filed a pattern, the app allows them to bookmark the pattern for easy returns as well as highlight important information. PATTERNBOX also allows the user to search, buy and store PDF patterns from the Internet through a search within the app then download and print directly from the app. Patternbox makes it easy and convenient to find patterns with a database on your device without having to go through your actual paper patterns. With PATTERNBOX you can simply scroll through the catagories and see all the patterns you have both the envelop patterns and PDFs. PATTERNBOX is a valuable tool for anyone with patterns.