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Category: Music


*Her Name in a Song!*
Persongalize is a personal song generating app. Get your special someone a one of a kind song in the genre of your choice featuring THEIR name sung into the song!

If your name is not featured, EMAIL us at: lakesidestudios@hotmail.com

Persongalize allows users to purchase a song featuring a specific name sung inside of it. Persongalize also features a fun music trivia quiz. Use Persongalize to give a personal song to a special person for their birthday, valentine's, or any day of the year, just because you are the best boyfriend/girlfriend on earth.

Ever wanted to hear what your name sounds like in a song, or what it would be like to have your own personal song? Persongalize has written song for almost every female in world, (a song for every guy coming soon), in your choice of three different genres!

Release 1.1 contains Pop, Rock, and Country. Frequent updates of names and genres.

Please go to www.facebook.com/persongalize to input new names and keep track of updates and specials.


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