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App Description

The Photo ALERT app is intended to provide an additional layer of protection for the user, and to act as a deterrent for bullying and aggressive behavior towards the user.
Most safety and security apps use a “panic button” to send a distress message to others. Photo ALERT’s panic button is the photo click button. So as a distress signal is sent to up to four predetermined recipients via SMS, the recipient need only click on the link included in the distress message, and see the photo that was taken by the user. The SMS includes a timestamp and GPS location of the sender.
When the user “clicks” the Photo ALERT panic button, additional deterring features are activated. Depending on the features selected on the menu, the phone will immediately go into speaker mode with a loud audible siren. Alternatively, the phone’s audio recording feature can be activated. After the first 15 seconds of recording, the voiceprint file is also sent via e-mail to the predetermined recipient list. This graphic and audible file has the potential to be used as evidence against a perpetrator who threatens the user. Additional options include a loud audio message that states that a photo and ALERT message has been sent to a predetermined selection of people, and that an audio recording may also have been sent. These feature can act as a deterrent any time the user is faced with aggressive behavior, or unexpected intrusions. The app is perfect for use in dark parking lots, while jogging, or simply at home alone. It is the developer’s opinion from experience that the threat of exposure will often reduce a perpetrator’s aggressive behavior. The ALERT can only be stopped by inserting a user selected 4 digit code. Under coercion, entering the code in reverse will appear to cancel the ALERT, but will not advise the recipients.
Additionally, Photo ALERT can be used in an alternative mode, referred to as Social Mode. In this mode, the user simply selects a list of email recipients, and every time a photo is taken in this mode, the photo automatically get e-mailed to the recipients, with no additional action required.
For a simple and inexpensive one-time purchase, you can enjoy heightened security and photo sharing convenience.