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App Description

Piikt is a fun and simple way to capture the honest opinions of your friends using pictures.

We all care about what others think, so why not just ask them? Piikt lets you post pictures to your public following and also let’s you send direct pictures to your favorite friends. Piikt also gives you the option to post a single piik for a YES or NO answer, or post a double piik to have your friends choose between the two.

Need an answer right away? Piikt allows you to set custom timers to each post! Once time is up, final results are shared with you and with those who gave their opinion. And voting couldn’t be any easier! When your friends ask you for your opinion on their piiks, giving them an answer is as simple as swiping left or right!

Piikt is full of many other fun features, including the ability to add color filters and secret labels to your piiks, and a discover view where you can find a whole new world of piiks to vote on.

The possibilities on Piikt are endless, but don’t take our word for it! Download the app and take your Piik today!