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Planet K

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App Description

The iOS App Store's greatest platformer has arrived! Prepare yourself for a highly addictive journey, with the retro feel of an old-school gaming console, but with a 24th century twist! Includes 8 bit sounds, bad-to-the-bone enemies, and a princess that needs to be rescued. This game has it all!

An epic adventure awaits on an alien world in this exciting adventure game. Journey to the distant Planet K, orbiting the star Kepler 22, and explore all 36 levels while navigating obstacles, avoiding or destroying enemies, collecting coins, gems, and power-ups, all in search of the alien princess!

This innovative, new game will challenge your platformer skills and keep you busy exploring the distant Planet K!

- 36 unique levels, each increasing in difficulty
- Many different types of enemies
- Multiple types of power-ups
- Vibrant colors and backgrounds
- Mentally and visually stimulating
- 8 bit retro sound effects
- Engaging background music
- Realistic 2D physics based simulation
- Suitable and challenging for all ages
- Universal app: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch
- Works on iOS 5.0+
- Game center functionality
- Hints provided
- iMpulse controller compatible