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Playground Push Around (Book # 5 - Bullying) - Neon Tiki Tribe - English

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App Description

Neon Tiki Tribe: A superheroes book series with real life lessons for kids. This colorful book is only one, in our series and it combines "action and excitement" with an "anti-bullying" message. See how a girl named Maya is bullied over her fashionable new glasses. Will Maya come on strong in the end after meeting with Greg and the Neon Tiki Tribe? The good news is that there are two ways to read this story; 1. Follow along as our professional narrator reads to you and your children, OR just click the "mute" button in the top right of the screen and read along with your child. TIKI- THOUGHTFUL, INTELLIGENT, KIND INDIVIDUALS. Neon Tiki Tribe- "The Brightest Super Heroes On Earth!" NOTE- We use an award winning font in this book series, that is almost unnoticeable to the average reader yet will help some children who struggle to read, due to dyslexia.

Mom's Choice Award Winning Children's Book Series
-Fully Narrated
-Read along
-Bright, Vivid Colors, Action & Adventure

What Parents Are Saying:

Although we have hundreds of books these are some my kids continually come back to…

She is now 8 years old and reads all of the Tiki books to her little sister….

She is five and a half and sat right down on my lap and listened to every word….


The Neon Tiki Tribe books use a patented, award-winning font that is almost unnoticeable to the average reader, but was designed to help some children who struggle to read due to dyslexia.