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App Description

For decades, the process of deciding on a paint color and purchasing paint has been the same, both time wasting and clinical.

You spend forever looking at thousands of color swatches in your local home improvement store. Take a few home. Hang them on the wall. Head back to get samples. Then back again when you finally decide on a paint color.

Stop wasting time. Find the color you want. With the click of your phone and a few swipes of your finger, you can find the perfect color of paint for your room. Prestige ColorPic allows you to choose one of our over 2400 colors and see, in real time, what they will look like on your walls – including shadows, lighting, etc.

Directly from the app, you can order your paint through Amazon and receive it in just two days with Amazon Prime!

Download Prestige ColorPic today - changing the way you buy paint.