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Category:IM & Social Networking
Puxxles are messages that you can send between friends - but there’s a big twist. Each message sent is encrypted via a riddle or puzzle. The only way to see it is to solve the riddle or assemble the puzzle. Only then can you see what other players sent to you – pictures, jokes, music, stories, app money, flirty connections, who knows? Game it up, figure out how to open up your puxxles, and find out!

Puxxlers can create a custom contact list; a unique album where they can keep their favorite puxxles; create a detailed personal profile; post their puxxles at the Gallery so the World could see them, and tinker with in-depth privacy and account settings to ensure that they are available every way they want to be and secure otherwise. If you’re an open person you can have an equally open PuXXles account, and vice versa.

Plus there is a number of options that you can select for each of your puxxles – stay anonymous, be notified when your puxxle is solved, get all the wrong answers to your text puxxle if any, and more.

Connecting with other people is fun, but making an exciting game out of it all makes every interaction as memorable as it is engaging - That’s the PuXXles edge!