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App Description

Secure and convenient private file sharing with QuickDrop™. QuickDrop provides the safest, easiest, and most secure way to communicate and send messages of any type - including documents, text messages, photos, videos or music. The app has an intuitive email-type interface for message sending and receiving, seamless integration with existing device functionality, and military grade (256-bit AES) encryption for the utmost of privacy and authentication. The app was built on patent proven technology to provide users with private and secure transfer of information regardless of file size or type.

QuickDrop Uses
• Send content too sensitive to be sent via email or text
• Communicate directly without the need to store any private data on a public remote server
• Ideal for sending data you want to keep private such as credit card numbers or passwords
• Send to one or send to many using existing contacts

QuickDrop Features
• Private File Delivery
» Receive private information on your mobile device - SSN, Passwords, Bank Data
» Send private data in lieu of using FAX or traditional delivery methods, utilizing the camera right there on your device
• Any type of file or size
» iOS version allows for Text, Picture, Video and Audio right within the app, or is supported in the 'Open In' feature for a variety of other formats like Microsoft applications and Adobe PDFs.
» No limitation on size (other than too large of a file may not be appropriate for a mobile device)
• Authentication
» Public/Private Keys are used for Authentication
» Only registered users will be able to communicate with each other
» Key generation occurs during registration
• Military Grade Encryption
» The highest levels of encryption are utilized, 256-bit AES
» Encryption is baked in, and cannot be disabled, offering security and ease of use
» Files are transmitted in encrypted state and can only be decrypted by intended receiver
» Proprietary Secure Messaging Fabric makes the public cloud as secure as a private network
• Simple App Download
» Load, Register Devices, and go
» App Store Download for iOS devices
• Straightforward User Interface
» A choose and send 'email-like' interface allows for “Download & Go” file exchange
» Intended recipient not registered? Automated invite is part of send process within the app
» Application can be started and stopped while receiving larger files

About QuickDrop™/CloudPrime™

QuickDrop is a point-to-point secure file delivery service for Apple iOS users. QuickDrop from CloudPrime™ is a first-of-its-kind, free, secure communications app providing users with the highest level of security available on a mobile device. CloudPrime is the leader in innovative cloud-based secure messaging services, delivering secure communications in an insecure world. The company provides a patented and proven cloud-based messaging solution as a service, enabling customers to securely transfer data between applications and devices. CloudPrime is a privately held company headquartered in San Francisco. For more information, visit us at www.quickdropit.com, www.cloudprime.net or follow us on Twitter.