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Radar Wings

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App Description

Simple Instructions on How to Play : Tap Tap. Take Flight through Radars and Save Flight from Birds & Score as much as you can. Have Fun and Enjoy Ride in the Sky.

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Looking for a refreshingly challenging FREE game that is fun, smart and simple, adventurerful and ultra addictive? Ready to take your love of tapping-style games to a whole new level? Then download Radar Wings today! This is really Easy & Trickiest Flying Gaming App in the Gaming Market.

***About Radar Wings***
With Radar Wings you control the altitude of an airborne plane, helicopter or rocket by tapping your screen and navigating your respective flying machine through a unending series of “radars”, which are essentially circles in the sky placed at various positions: some low, some high, some in the middle, and so on. Enjoy your flight.

***Score Points & Avoid Danger***
Each time you successfully make Plane or Roc ket or Heli copter through a radar, you earn a point and 10 points if you pass through Bermuda. But if you don’t make it, then you crash and fall into the ocean (sorry!) and must start again. Plus, as you fly you must deftly avoid birds and fly through mysterious “Bermuda Triangles” that appear after every 10 radars, and skilfully adjust to the fact that your plane, helicopter or rocket accelerates after every 10 radars, too.

***Amazing Sound Effects & Music***
Along the way, you’ll love Radar Wings’ amazingly realistic sound effects and two types of music (which you can switch between or mute as you wish). It really makes the experience intense and interesting!

***Leaderboard Integration***
Plus, you can climb the rankings via Leaderboard integration, which features updated scores. Can you make it all the way to the top? Download Radar Wings today and find out if you have the skill, focus and concentration it takes to be the best!

***Get in Touch***
Send us your questions, comments, feedback at And stay tuned, because we’re always working on cool new updates to make your Radar Wings experience even better!