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ZenActivity - App Review

Posted on March 3rd, 2014

Often, when using apps for interval workouts, yoga or meditation (amongst other things), users find that many of these apps are lacking the necessary features required to be an effective interval application. This is where ZenActivity really shines; the app allows for three different workouts and endless options and possibilities for each. The app is aesthetically beautiful and the app’s UI really shines, as setting up and using ZenActivity is extremely easy and user friendly. To anyone who practices yoga, meditation or partakes in any type of interval training, ZenActivity is a must download app for you.

The app opens up to the main page, where users can instantly see their #1 workout, the number of steps created and the total time of the activity. At the bottom of the main page, users can easily switch to the #2 and #3 workout by simply tapping the corresponding number. Once you have created at least two steps, users are easily able to rearrange steps at their discretion by hitting the edit button on the top left corner of the app. Users can easily one touch to delete a step on the left side, or use the right side of the button to move it to a different location. We really love how ZenActivity allows for the creation of unlimited steps, it really helps make interval training a lot easier.

Creating a step with ZenActivity is also extremely intuitive, as users are easily able to label each step (to perhaps a corresponding move or flex position), provide a description for the step, change the duration with the hour, minute and second options. The app also provides the user with several different options for sounds which end particular activities. The sounds range in time from 2-5 seconds in length, with 10 options total, (users are also able to preview the sounds); the volume of the sounds can also easily be adjusted in this menu. Users must choose a step type, and are provided with: exercise, stretch, meditation and rest.

We love how ZenActivity syncs with Apple’s AirPlay, which allows you to utilize this application in conjunction with Apple TV. Users that have any questions on the features, can easily access ZenActivity’s comprehensive tutorial by clicking the mini question mark, near the top right hand corner of the screen. Overall, we really recommend this app to yoga enthusiasts and really anyone who does interval training of any type. The app is just $1.99 and for less than a slice of pizza (in most places), you can have an app that will help you get in great shape, by organizing your interval training.