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Laugh Clown - App Review

Posted on August 11th, 2014

Many of the games people play these days, are mundane and boring. So what separates a good game from a great one? It’s simple, gameplay must be fun, addictive and the graphics and sound must be top notch. Laugh Clown is just this type of complete game that has all the makings of a great app.

The Game Center enabled app opens up to a quick tutorial, where the Laugh Clown main character explains that he is a professional balloon dodger and wants to show the new player the “ropes.” The game is easy to play as you can move the clown freely around the board, double tap on an area to quickly dash there and gain the power up balloon, which allows you to smash any balloon in sight; all of which is covered in the app’s fantastic opening tutorial. Laugh Clown has both single and multiplayer modes and users can obtain bow ties to purchase power ups, that can be used in game from the clown shop.

Laugh Clown boasts fantastic graphics both in game and throughout the user interface, as well as high definition sound. The home screen looks great and users can easily access Game Center or access the main game menu by tapping “Play Clown.” Once inside the main game menu, players can easily access: single player mode, multiplayer mode, the clown shop, the your items section (which has your purchased power ups available to be equipped), settings and Game Center.

Once in game, users can see their score, current high score, lives remaining and have the ability to toggle pause/play, from left to right respectively; from the pause menu, users can easily continue their current game or exit to the home screen. The gameplay is wonderful and extremely addictive, each balloon dodged will give the user a point and once the three lives are done, the game is over and the player can see their score, power ups left over and bowties earned. As your score gets higher, the balloons come down with more frequency and at higher speeds. When the player earns the power up balloon, each balloon they destroy earns them ten points, so getting the power up balloon can help players bring their score up higher.

Available in the iTunes App Store, for iOS devices only, Laugh Clown is a fantastic new game that is worth a look from anyone looking for great new app to keep them occupied for hours on end. The game is sure to be a hit with players of all ages, as the graphics, gameplay and HD sound mesh perfectly with this great app!