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Wall Street Magnate - App Review

Posted on August 11th, 2014

Fantasy communities in general have become a huge industry online, which has millions of people competing against each other all around the world. Many people love the concept of fantasy competition because it uses real world data that corresponds within the fantasy realm and gives them something to do, or something to follow. Stocks are no different and with the large amount of people that trade stocks, now professionals who deal with those stocks and even those who just follow stocks personally or casually, have a way to compete against their friends in a totally free fantasy stock exchange app, called Wall Street Magnate.

The app opens up with its logo and then quickly shifts to a login page, where new users are required to sign up. We love that the app is unintrusive and only requires a valid email address, first and last name and a password to sign up. Signing up is a breeze as we were in within seconds of opening up the app. Once you sign in, the app’s interface is extremely well designed and clean, which is what is usually needed for this type of app. Wall Street Magnate starts the user off with one hundred thousand dollars in fake currency that can be used to buy stocks that are listed on the NYSE, NASDAQ and AMEX. For those not familiar with the fantasy concept, real world data dictates what happens in the fantasy world. For instance, in fantasy football (which is the most popular game in the fantasy genre), a touchdown for a specific player would correspond to six points for fantasy owners of that player.

Wall Street Magnate really shines, because the fantasy concept works perfectly with the stock exchange. In order to play against your friends, you can create a club, name it and set a picture and background image and then invite their friends to the club where you can see the earnings rankings and how well anyone in your club is doing. Like any good fantasy game, current news is crucial when competing with friends and when searching a stock, the app provides plenty of detailed information, including dividends and stock splits, along with plenty of articles, which are relevant to the given stock. Easily buy, sell and watch stocks on Wall Street Magnate and compete against your friends to see who is the best fantasy trader; hopefully it will spill over when you trade with real money.

Did we mention that the app is completely free? Well it is and it is also free to use, with no in-game app purchases. Wall Street Magnate has been mentioned in several major publications and we think that the app is well worthy of all of the praise. With almost everything having a social aspect these days, stocks included, this app provides a wonderful, innovative experience for those who want to engage in fantasy trading from their iOS or Android device. The app is available for free for both platforms, so go check it out today and see why we absolutely love this app.