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Stick and Chick - App Review

Posted on December 11th, 2014

Take your mobile gaming to the next level, with this wonderful game Stick and Chick. Stick and Chick reminds us of your classic arcade shooter, with a twist. The developer packed a lot of excellence into this game, including graphics, sounds, addictive gameplay and amazing animated comic strip cutscenes with full voice overs that really add another dimension into this mobile game. With all of these features packed into a small iOS device, gamers can enjoy some addictive, intense gaming, while trying to perfect their skills, earn high scores on their way to helping Stick get back his Chick in ten levels of iOS gaming fun. Stick and Chick is available for download for iOS devices for free on the iTunes App Store.

This Game Center enabled app opens to an absolutely stunning home screen, where users can view the leaderboards, buy bling (which includes ad removal, final level unlock and power-ups) and start the game. In addition, users have the option to contact the developer via the “hit us up” button on the bottom left of the screen and view more games by the developer. We were really blown away by the wonderfully animated comic strips that begin to tell the story of Stick and Chick. In the first comic strip cut scene, you see a very happy Stick and Chick professing love to each other, before Stick gets run over and Chick gets kidnapped by the enemies.

Once you start the game, users have the standard option of pausing the game at the top right, at which time they can toggle the excellent high definition beats that accompany Stick and Chick or quit that level. The gameplay is tons of fun, as even the first level is intense, usually games take a while to ramp up difficulty, but Stick and Chick is supremely fun, directly from the drop. Enemies run in from both sides of the screen, pop up in the background from a position of cover and even surprise Stick from close range (a' la every classic arcade shooter). Help Stick battle enemies with rocket launchers driving in cars and even blow up some helicopters in this epic, quick paced, full of action shooter Stick and Chick. Be careful and monitor Stick’s life at the top of the screen, as you push through the levels, killing enemies and avoiding innocents. Players earn scores on kills and can earn gold, silver or bronze in accuracy, enemies killed and casualties (the medals show up in small icons above the level once it is completed.

Stick and Chick is really a high quality game that has all the trimmings and more than you would expect from a mobile game. The gameplay is extremely fun and addictive, the HD graphics and sound are both top notch and the comic strip cutscenes that add depth to the main character and the storyline really separate Stick and Chick from other similar games in this genre. Normally apps of such high quality are never free and once again Stick and Chick doesn’t disappoint in this area either. The game is completely free, so check it out today and begin the epic quest of helping Stick save the love of his life, Chick.