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Autopedia - App Review

Posted on June 9th, 2015

There are plenty of web portals available for consumers to choose from for buying and selling cars. However, what if you just wanted to look up information about a car in a quick, easy and precise fashion without having to select 20 different options before you find your results?  If you are nodding your head, then the Autopedia app is for you !!!

The Autopedia app is for car lovers, consumers and  automotive enthusiasts on any level. It does not matter if you are young or old and fantasize about driving that new sports car or maybe a luxury vehicle such as a Rolls Royce Ghost, this app will tell you what you need to know about cars.  Even if you don't go crazy for cars, yet are in need of general vehicle information, the app can be a great resource. 

When you open the Autopedia app for the first time, you will notice it is extremely simple to use.  You will be on the main user section of the app where you will spend virtually all of your time looking at images and data of countless cars.  You will notice a search bar where you can type in any car maker and then immediately images will appear with models of the car you searched. In addition, you will also have the option to search by just the model of any car as well. Start scrolling down with a simple finger swipe and you will be amazed at all the cars that are listed.  To some people, cars are just a means to get you from point A to B, however, for others cars are a piece of art. Most of the global population spends a considerable amount of time in a car every year. Driving to and from work, long weekend getaways, a trip to the local market or visiting friends - the car does become a second home to most.

The Autopedia app shares with the users a vast amount of information about cars. If you like Ferrari's, BMW, Porsche, Mercedes, Nissan, Toyota  - just to name a few, then this app is something that you will want on your mobile device as a great reference. With over 500 different makes/models this app really provides everything you need to access information about any car that you may be looking for. If you want to know the price, top speed, weight, number of cylinders, country of origin, horse power, top speed - you will find it in the app.  Autopedia is available in the App Store and in Google Play.