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Instant Day Job - App Review

Posted on May 27th, 2016

Finding a job is one of the most difficult things to do in today's economy. The job market is more competitive than ever. Businesses have been laying off employees at feverish pace, which translates to more people applying for jobs for fewer positions. There is a tremendous amount of uncertainty in the job market.  The majority of people looking for a job will use various web portals to see jobs posted by Employers, only to find hundreds of others have applied for the same position. These job portals require you to upload your resume before applying for a job. The consumer can spend countless hours trying to find that perfect employment opportunity. 

Instant Day Job App could be the solution to help simplify the problem for finding work. The app focuses on local jobs and employment within  designated zip code searches. Both employers and employees can download the app free of charge and create their respective  profiles. Most people, if the option is available, would prefer to work closer to home. This saves time and added expenses associated with long commutes to work or a day job.  One of the best things about the Instant Day Job App is the simplicity of the functionality. The mission of the app is to directly connect Employers and Employees. While most people associate jobs as a full time position or a career, the app also focuses on day work. Let's say you are looking for a someone locally to help with tasks such as yard work, pet care, music lessons; simply enter your zip code and select the skill set of the employee and the results will appear. The app has over 40 different skill sets to choose from such as Accounting, Automotive, Carpentry, Construction, Education, Legal Services, Marketing, Personal Care, Sales - just to name a few.

Employers, local business owners and individuals will like the fact that they can register for the app and they do not have to publish their job needs. The Instant Day Job App uses strictly search functionality to help connect the parties. Once an Employer finds a candidate a local candidate that could be a fit, they then can use the app to make contact with the potential Employee. When an Employee or Job Seeker registers for the app, the will have the option to add a photo of themselves, select up to five (5) skills that they posses and add a brief bio. A resume is not required to use the app. Employees will also be able to select the preferred listing feature to make their profile more visible to potential Employers.

Instant Day Job App is something that is incredibly helpful for connecting local people. The app is not necessarily focused on high resolution images, yet focused on simplifying the process of get work done. Download the app to simplify the process of hiring someone or finding a new job.