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Study Ninja - App Review

Posted on June 1st, 2016

It seems now more than ever it can be a challenge to get kids and young adults alike to focus on their school work. Why? The majority of kids are more focused on seeing the latest Tweet, Snapchat video or Instagram post than their school work. This is something that has become a very big problem on a global scale. How can you solve the problem of letting kids keep their Smartphone and Tablets, while keeping focused on their homework and studies? The answer just might be Study Ninja.

Study Ninja is an amazing app that wants to make studying and homework fun, while keeping kids engaged.  The first thing that kids will like is "it's an app"  that keeps them interested from the outset. The Study Ninja app is designed to keep students focused, motivated and organized for studying and preparation. This is done using well designed images coupled with fun background music. The music in itself provides an exciting feeling with a bit of a 'warrior' tone, which gives the user a 'I can do it' attitude. A core element of the Study Ninja app is organization and time management.  The app is very easy to use and from the outset we can see how kids would  be engaged using the app. That engagement can hopefully translate to better study habits and better grades.

The app allows you to enter your school subjects that you need to study for or you can choose from a list already available on the app  The list of subjects are:

Art & Design
Business Management
French Geography
Graphic Communication
Home Economics
Information Systems
Mandarin Chinese
Media Studies
Modern Studies
Physical Education
Product Design
Religious Education

The student can customize a study plan based on exam times, the importance of the exam and when they want to study for it. What we found most interested in the app does not make it feel like that school work would be a chore, but a fun app to use. There are additional features such as the "Dojo" where the students can answer questions if they feel stressed about their current work load or their current mode. There is also a Timeline features and a Report Card functionality to keep track of progress.

There are also various mini-games to help overcome fear of failure for studies. Remember, the goal of the Study Ninja app is to make learning fun and to provide focus. The app is for students of all ages from young pupils, college students to adults. After each semester or school year, you can simply create a planner based on the new subjects you will be taking. The Study Ninja app is available for iOS and Android. We think you will be happy that you downloaded the app !!!