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DollarPhone - App Review

Posted on July 18th, 2016

More and more people are removing telephones in their homes or apartments. The consumer sentiment is that it's more cost effective to use a Smartphone then to keep a telephone in their residence. Outside of having a home phone for calling an alarm/security company, most would agree there is no need for a home phone or a land line.

As this trend continues, the one thing that remains is everyone wants and needs the ability to make international calls. Everyone still needs the ability to contact people from around the world regardless of the type of phone access they have. The DollarPhone app is a fantastic product that helps you stay in touch with your loved ones. You can also use the app to make overseas business calls as well.  The DollarPhone app is brought you by DollarPhone, which has been in business since 1999.  With over 16 years experience in the telecom industry DollarPhone focuses on quality and service for every customer to insure the best calls.

The DollarPhone app allows the user to make high quality international calls with extreme ease.

Calls Features are:

• High quality international calling to landline and mobile phones
• No need to dial an access number or pin to make calls
• Choose between Wi-Fi or 3G/4G
• No voice plan needed when using Wi-Fi
• No roaming charges when using Wi-Fi
• Free app-to-app calling
• Competitive rates
• No fees
• Recharge in app, via DollarPhone Pinless card or retailer
• Rates and call duration are displayed in the local country's currency

Mobile Top-Up Features

• Recharge domestic and international prepaid mobile phones.
• Top-Up is real-time

DollarPhone prides itself on staying ahead of the trend in the industry. While there are other apps that do offer a few similar features, remember that DollarPhone is industry leader in the pre-paid telecommunications market renowned for its superior products, impeccable quality and competitive pricing.

You can download the DollarPhone all in the App Store for iOS or in Google Play for your Android Device. You can also learn about the DollarPhone's other products here.