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Clip and Go - App Review

Posted on August 31st, 2016

Regardless of age, it seems that everyone has a Smartphone or Tablet. These devices are used to communicate, look for information online, and take pictures as well as videos. Whether you are with family or friends, we all want to capture those special moments. If we can preserve fun and special moments with video, that is even better.  There are more than 1 billion videos alone just on YouTube and approximately 300,000 videos are uploaded to the site daily.  In 2015, TechCrunch reported that Facebook hit 8 billion daily video views. Everyone loves watching videos, but what can you do to make your videos better?

The Clip&Go video editor & movie maker app is something you will want to download. The iOS app is extremely easy to use and allows you to edit videos right from your device. Just made a cool video but want to edit it? No need for sending the clip to your desktop, all edits are made right from your hand-held device.

Clip&Go makes it easy for you to edit your videos even if you have never done it before. The app's interface is simple and easy to operate. The first thing you will do when you open the app is add a video from your library. You can add multiple videos at once to allow you to make edits without having to repeat the process multiple times. This also lets you combine videos into one. Next you can add music to you video. There are per-loaded musical choices or you can also access music from your library. Adding music is a fantastic way to add feeling and emotion to your video. If you are editing a sports related video, then going with something upbeat might be the way to do. If your video is capturing a sunset or something picturesque, then maybe something tranquil or slower will suit you best. Adding music is a breeze with the app and you can set the mood for any video.

Next you will want to remove or strip out any content that you do not want. You can choose bits and pieces from each video or just shorten one video to create that perfect piece. Another great feature the app has is the ability to crop. We have all seen videos where you wish you could simply focus on one part of a video, possible something that was in the background. Clip&Go makes it very easy to create a visually perfect video. Once you have completed your editing process you are really to share your video with world on your favorite social networks.

The Clip&Go video editor & movie maker app is not only simple to use, but can enhance those special life moments for every. You do not have to be a pro to use the app. As with any new learning tool, it might take you a few minutes to get the hang of using all the functionalities and fun features - and then you will be off to showing the world your professional looking video clips.