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Lohalo - App Review

Posted on November 29th, 2016

There are countless apps to download in the social network category. Many of these apps promise a different experience, yet most fail to deliver. Lohalo is an app that seems to be adding a new twist in connecting people.

Lohalo is a location specific app and is designed to connect with other app users that are located within a 10 miles radius from the sender's location. The unique feature of Lohalo is that the message recipients are matched based on hashtags/keywords used by the sender in the message. In the past few years people have become immersed in their Smartphone's and it seems that connecting with people in your local community has really become a lost cause. Sometimes the most exciting things might be happening in the town that you reside in.

Lohalo works by allowing people to connect by matching hastags. No, this is not a dating app; it's a simple messaging app to connect people with common interests.  Let's say you wanted to find new people in your area to play golf with. Simply create a post, and add your own hashtags such as #GolfGame or #PlayGolf and others will be able to look at your post within your area. Besides the tags and a description, you can also add a photo to your post.  Want to create awareness for a local fundraiser or possibly a charity in your area; you can create hashtags at will. Whatever you can think of, you can post it. If you are a dog owner, and we know at times that pets do like to run away from the house just to explore; with the app you can post a picture of your dog and create numerous hashtags so people in your area can receive notifications to help find a lost canine.

You do not have to disclose your identity when posting with the app. The developers of the app wanted to keep security in mind for all of the users and no one will be able to see your exact location, just the zip code you are in. Being that you are going to be connecting with others in your location, the zip location feature makes it easy to use the app. Some people might work more than 10 miles away from their home or wish to you the app when traveling to a frequent destination. One of the many great features about Lohalo is that you can use multiple locations from one user account.

The design of the app is very simple and also gives the user different functionalities to enhance their experience. There are location detection settings, email and mobile notifications, radius adjustment settings, and others features to really give the user a customized experience. The best thing about the app is you can immediately start creating posts as soon as you download it. Lohalo is a great way to connect and meet with new people in your local community. The app is currently available for iOS in the App Store.