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Tipatuity - App Review

Posted on December 9th, 2016

The old phrase of 'cash is king' does not seem to mean that much to people anymore. While having cash in hand seemed to provide a level of anonymity when making a purchase, is becoming a thing of the past. Certain businesses that would welcome cash payments in exchange for a discount - they do not care about cash any more. It is a fair and accurate statement to say that we have moved to a cashless society. The convenience of being able to carry around one single debit or credit card is how we pay for things in the world today.

With the move to a cashless society, there are always going to be certain people who have different jobs that this could have a negative effect on. Think about valet parking as an example, we are used to giving a few dollars when we drop off our cars and pick them up. However, what happens when you do not have any cash on you to tip the valet staff? Do you say "Sorry, I do not have any cash on me"?  This issue applies to countless other working people.

The Tipatuity app aims to not only solve this problem, yet are poised to be a leader. Tipatuity is a simple to use app that allows you to tip when you do not have any cash. All you need to do is register, which takes few short seconds and you are able to send tips or receive tips. Tipatuity is the simplest way to tip and get tipped.

There are a lot of great features with the app. It offers geo-location services allowing you to find members that are close to your location. Sometimes you might want to remain anonymous yet award someone for a job well done, and the app allows for anonymous tipping. There are certain times that you might find yourself working with a group of people, and with the Tipatuity app, there is a 'tip jar' solution allowing you to split tips instantaneously. Further, there is also a rating system allowing others to see how good of a job that person is doing. Chances are if you are giving a tip, they are working hard for you and your gratitude.

The Tipatuity app can be used for hotel staff, valet parking services, restaurant staff, and anyone that you might want to give a tip. Even if the person you wish to tip is not yet a member of Tipatuity you can simply tell them to download the app and then you can immediate send them a tip. The app is available in the App Store, Google Play and can also be accessed via the web.