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Does your business need a mobile app

Posted on June 7th, 2017

Does your business need a mobile app?

Companies use every opportunity to promote their brand and build their business. Having a successful marketing strategy is an essential part of customers getting the best out of their shopping experience. One area that has been growing for some time is the mobile app. A lot of big companies now have an app based on their brand that gives customers a more direct way to shop and browse their goods. However, does your company need to be thinking about an app?

Does your business need an app?

There is no doubt that having your brand as an app on people's smartphones is a great piece of marketing. It provides them with a quick and easy solution to their shopping problems, and it puts you ahead of the competition. However, developing and publishing a mobile app can be quite expensive, so you need to determine whether this is the right marketing tool for your company.

Think about your current marketing and growth, will having an app make a difference? Will it highlight your products or services, or is it unnecessary?

Customer Opinion

To find out whether an app is a good idea, you can try asking your customers what they think. Conduct a survey or poll and ask your customer whether they would like an app and what they would like the app to show and do. They might love the idea, however, if it does not deliver what they want, it will remain unused.
For inspiration and direction, look at apps from your competitors and see what they are doing and whether it is successful. Don’t forget to read reviews from critics and the customers to get an idea of how yours can be better.

Building the app

Unless you are good at coding, you will want to use an outside source to create the app for you. Luckily, there are many sites that you can use when hiring a designer for your app. Sites like Upwork allow you to post a request and have people bid on the cost. You can then choose the right one for you.

Depending on the complexity and resources you need, it can cost upwards from £15,000 for a good mobile app. You need to ensure you spend a enough money for quality. A poorly functioning app will only fail.

Testing and Launch

The app will need to be tested before it is launched, and once it is tested, you can also add the app to your website as a downloadable link. If you do not have a website, then this is an excellent opportunity to have one, as it is a great platform to promote your business’s endeavors. Company’s such as, can fully manage your website once it has been created, ensuring your time can be spent elsewhere. You can expect high performance, fast pace loading times and 24/7 monitored hosting. A website is an ideal way to advertise your app, as well as a great means for publishing updated information, so your customers stay well informed.

Once your app is completed and ready, you can start promoting it using your marketing channels. If you have conducted sufficient research and developed your app appropriately, you will have an app your customers will love to use.