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Fennex - App Review

Posted on September 25th, 2017

We live in a day and time where apps are being released into the marketplace at a feverish pace. Thousands upon thousands of apps on a daily basis and yet many of them see to do the same thing or do not bring something different to consumers.

Here is an app that we feel is simply fantastic and its called Fennex  - Augmented Hearing App.  Fennex is a very clever app and more importantly, it's an app that can help countless people around the world. The app is essentially a hearing aid that provides augmented (enhanced) hearing by using Apple's EarPods or AirPods to increase sound. Fennex becomes your own personal hearing amplifier.

Fennex is well thought out and offers an incredible amount of features. The first thing you will do after you download the app is to take a quick hearing test. This will assist with determining your hearing including possible strengths and weaknesses in the each ear. The next step is to use the results to personalize what you hear and how you hear it. In other words, you will be able to adjust the many features on the app to allow the most comfort and peak performance when using the app and to create the best hearing experience. The final step is you can select a listening scene such as a meeting, traveling in a car or eating in a restaurant. As we know, different locations are sometimes louder than others.

The developers of the app really put a lot of detail into the thought process of Fennex and focused on what is important for the user. The features of the app are:

•    Volume Boost l Level - this will amplify the sound around you.
•    Balance - this will let you adjust the volume in each ear (left and right).
•    Compression - this will allow you to apply sound compression to either boost sound or limit sound.
•    Sound Presence - adjust high and low frequency limits.
•    Equalizer - change treble, mid range and bass levels.

You can also select from 4 different microphone settings. Either bottom (iPhone) or front, earphones that are built-in or external, ex: AirPods).

Some people are uncomfortable wearing a hearing aid or if they have slight hearing loss do not want to ask someone to keep on repeating themselves. Fennex is the perfect app that not only helps people to aid and assist with their hearing,  it also can give people a further sense of comfort that their listening devices (earphones) are a bit more fashion forward then traditional hearing aid design.

We feel Fennex will be used around the world and will help countless people. Please check out the app in the App Store and tell others, especially those in need about the app.