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4 Reasons to Add a Smartphone Stylus to Your Business Toolkit

Posted on October 25th, 2017

If you are ready to incorporate a stylus into your smartphone tasking repertoire — particularly for business purposes — you may soon find yourself wondering, "Hey, what took me so long?" The truth is, you are just in time to leap into a market where you can find mounds of positive feedback from fellow smartphone users and, even better, a world of diverse stylus options to complement your smartphone and your personal style.

These wondrous inkless pens are gaining popularity among touchscreen users who have tried their hand at making direct skin-to-screen contact for long enough. Using a stylus allows professionals to revert to the classic pen paradigm without sacrificing the utility, connectivity and convenience of their smartphone. Here are the top four reasons to use a stylus to conduct business, whether sitting at a desk in the office or in a cramped seat in a crowded airport waiting area.

Keep it Clean and Shiny

Do you frequently feel like you need to wipe your smartphone screen to clear away smudges, only to realize you've used the last of your screen-specific wipes? No matter how often you wash your hands, oily skin is just a fact of life and part of being human. A stylus can help reduce skin-to-screen contact, to help keep your screen flawless.

Make Old-school, Freehand Notes

Sometimes you may want to jot down notes instead of typing them out on a keyboard. Stylus note-taking gives you a chance to take old-fashioned notes while avoiding using excess paper. Using a stylus to take notes also allows you to create drawings, designs and figures to help refresh your memory for visual concepts when you review your notes after an important meeting.

Stay Precise and Speedy with Less Effort

It is trickier for some people to precisely hit the right touchscreen keys on the first try than it is for others. Perhaps problems are due to different finger sizes, dexterity, comfort or experience. Regardless, the precision that a stylus provides reduces the need to frequently backspace and re-type. Quickly and easily add entries into your calendar and contacts list on the spot, instead of needing to jot the information down with a pen and enter it into your smartphone later.

Navigate Your Smartphone Screen Even When it's Freezing Outside

Professionals who may include architects, construction foremen, Arctic scientists and many others often need to use a smartphone to take notes, send text messages or consult diagrams or formulas in frigid temperatures need a stylus. Even if you simply want to send a quick email on your way to or from work, you don't want to expose your fingers to sub-zero temperatures. A stylus lets you keep your gloves on while you get the job done.

Hopefully the benefits of using a stylus are coming into focus. After scanning the reasons listed, among many more, for adding a stylus to the professional mix, you will see that you can easily turn your sleek and handy Samsung Galaxy Note 4 into an indispensable business tool.