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The Best Android Apps to Combat Spam

Posted on October 31st, 2017

Internet threats come and go – one day the headlines are full of the latest malware attack, while the next it is all about identity theft. Android users have traditionally stood on the side lines with a smug expression on their faces when it comes to malware and viruses. However, there is one online nuisance that is as old as the hills and will affect you with equal determination whatever your platform of choice – and that is the dreaded spam calls, messages and email.

Spam is as big a problem as it has ever been – in fact, it accounts for more than 50 percent of all email traffic. That is a phenomenal number, roughly equal to 400 billion messages in any given day.

The major email providers like Gmail and Hotmail contain built in spam filters, which do a job when it comes to stemming the tide. But while freebies are OK as far as they go, what are the best apps to ensure your Android device keeps the junk mail to a minimum, and to block other types of spam correspondence such as unwanted calls and texts?

Calls blacklist – calls and SMS protection

Calls blacklist is a quick and effective way to filter out those annoying calls and text messages from telemarketers, spammers and robots. The one-click enable / disable facility makes it exceptionally user friendly, and you can set it to only block at specific times, such as when you are at work or asleep, if you so desire.

Everycloudtech – email protection

When it comes to spam emails, the technology is developing rapidly. The free built in filters are competent as far as they go, but like any freeware, they have their shortcomings. The most effective solution is to block e-mail spam with This software uses machine learning techniques and has an accuracy of 99.99 percent. It also provides the most comprehensive reports of any solution out there, meaning you can keep track of exactly what is what.

Truecaller – calls and SMS protection

This nifty app uses similar technology to that seem in email spam filters to filter your calls. It identifies numbers which have been reported as spam by other members of the community, and uses smart technology to try to identify who is at the end of the line when you a call from an unknown number.

Kaspersky – antivirus and call blocking

As a well-known name in antivirus, you know what you are getting with Kaspersky. This app provides a suite of services, including call blocking and protection against spam, viruses, trojans and spyware. It even has a function to help you find your android device remotely if you put it down somewhere.

Google Phone – call blocking and spam protection

For most problems, Google has an inexpensive solution, and this upgraded version of the native Android dialer is a neat one. It blocks and reports spam calls that you don’t want, and also looks up incoming numbers to provide business names and details – if you can Google it, the app will find it.