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Radio Art - App Review

Posted on December 12th, 2017

Stress is something that affects all of us. It does not matter who you are or what you do for a living; we live in a place of stressful times. Whether its driving in your car and having a bit of road rage because someone cut you off or missing a deadline on a project at work - stress comes in different forms. Either way, it can have a very negative effect on our lives. Stress can be a contributing factor to heart disease, asthma, obesity, diabetes, depression and many other health problems. 

There are many ways to help deal with stress and they all focus around trying to teach you how to relax. The mobile app Radio Art that can be a big help in your quest to stay calm and to help cope with daily stress, and can simply make your life more enjoyable.  Radio Art focuses on the art of relaxing music.  The app has 120 music channels that emphasize acoustic instruments such as the piano, harp, guitar, and many others. There are also 24 channels that feature natural sounds that really help hit the core of stress-relief, anxiety reduction, and aim to help cope with stress.

A lot of people will use meditation as a way to help reduce stress. The Radio Art app features meditation music which really delivers a sense of calm and helps you reduce your stress level dramatically. Besides meditation, Yoga has become very popular over the last 10 years. Yoga is a group of physical, mental, and spiritual practices or disciplines which originated in ancient India. Many will tell you that Yoga helps to find inner peace, and in virtually every yoga class or practice session you will hear yoga music. The Radio app also has different music channels to go with your daily yoga regimen.

Another use of the app is to help you fall asleep at night or to have sleep music playing in the background. We often take our stress to sleep without even realizing it. Radio Art is a very simple app to use in terms of functionality. It is very well categorized and easy to use.  The app also gives you the name of the artist/composer and the song title that you are listening to.

Here a handful of channels you can choose from on the app:

Stress Relief
Sleep & Midnight
Classical Periods
Classical Instruments
Blues & Country

You will find many other channels and interests on the app including natural sounds ranging from beach waves, waterfall, rain, song bird, dolphins, rainforest, fireplace, and countless others.

The Radio Art app is something that can help reduce stress and give you peace of mind wherever you go or whatever activities you are doing. The app is available in the App Store for iOS or in Google Play for Android Download the app and start reducing your stress levels.