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Fan Fair - App Review

Posted on January 10th, 2018

Almost everyone one of us has a creative side. Some of us realize it pretty quickly and others take time to know what their talent or interests might be. The beauty about being creative is it gives us the freedom to express ourselves and there is no age limit or restrictions - and that is part of the beauty. Artist can be defined as musicians, singers, photographers, dancers, and painters.

The Fan Fair app wants to help artists reach other artist. In addition, the app helps artists to expand their fan base.  While we do live in a world where everyone seems to have a public profile on different social media accounts, that does not necessarily help artists, especially those starting out. If you are a musician as an example, one of the best ways you can expand your fan base it to connect with other musicians who have an existing support.  Fan Fair allows similar artists to find one another and can share each other's content to their existing fan base.

One of the more clever things when first using the app is the time and detail the developer put into it to really explain how the app works and the benefit of Fan Fair. First time users will be greeted with a short video explaining the many benefits of the app. Fan Fair wants to help each artist obtain a greater level of exposure for their craft. With tens of millions of artists around the world an app like this is needed.

When you first create your account you will be asked a few questions to create your profile. This will allow you to connect with other users of the app and will also allow others with similar interests to find you. The app will suggest different artists to each person using the app based on similarities in profile as well as content. Suggestions are not necessary based on location or close proximity but on potentials matches or a good fit. You will also be able to write a brief bio, professional goals and tell people the size of your fan base. Users will be able to listen to music you uploaded, watch videos, see pictures, and more.  The app does a fantastic job of gathering vital information to match you with others while only asking the user a few questions.

Fan Fair's mission to really help the artists connect with others and to build a community that can benefit all users of the app. Fan Fair is free to download and is available in the App Store. An Android version is currently in the works. Support the artists and connect with cool different people on Fan Fair.