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Clockwise - App Review

February 15th, 2017

One of the hardest things to do every day for most people is to wake up – especially when it's way too early to wake up. Along with this fact is the idea that waking up feels so boring and repetitive by hearing your alarm ring over and over again. Luckily, smart technologies went thus far to catch up on the long-running monotony of the old-school alarm. Clockwise is a smart alarm that changes how people wake up every morning and brings a breath of fresh air to jumpstart the day.Clockwise makes sure that waking up is a pleasure, not… Read More

Tipatuity - App Review

December 9th, 2016

The old phrase of 'cash is king' does not seem to mean that much to people anymore. While having cash in hand seemed to provide a level of anonymity when making a purchase, is becoming a thing of the past. Certain businesses that would welcome cash payments in exchange for a discount - they do not care about cash any more. It is a fair and accurate statement to say that we have moved to a cashless society. The convenience of being able to carry around one single debit or credit card is how we pay for things in the… Read More

Lohalo - App Review

November 29th, 2016

There are countless apps to download in the social network category. Many of these apps promise a different experience, yet most fail to deliver. Lohalo is an app that seems to be adding a new twist in connecting people. Lohalo is a location specific app and is designed to connect with other app users that are located within a 10 miles radius from the sender's location. The unique feature of Lohalo is that the message recipients are matched based on hashtags/keywords used by the sender in the message. In the past few years people have become immersed in their Smartphone's… Read More

Betway Casino - App Review

October 6th, 2016

This easy to use app gives instant access to a range of gaming options, including live casino, slots, Blackjack and Poker. Users can also benefit from free betting bonuses when registering. Highlights:User friendly app which is easy to navigate so that whatever game you wish to play is easily found.Over 90 casino games available to play right now.Earn bonus points each time you play for access to even more bonuses and benefits.Bonus for new players.New games added each month.Registration is absolutely no hassle with this fun app and you will be helpfully guided through each element of the form so you… Read More

Clip and Go - App Review

August 31st, 2016

Regardless of age, it seems that everyone has a Smartphone or Tablet. These devices are used to communicate, look for information online, and take pictures as well as videos. Whether you are with family or friends, we all want to capture those special moments. If we can preserve fun and special moments with video, that is even better.  There are more than 1 billion videos alone just on YouTube and approximately 300,000 videos are uploaded to the site daily.  In 2015, TechCrunch reported that Facebook hit 8 billion daily video views. Everyone loves watching videos, but what can you do… Read More

DollarPhone - App Review

July 18th, 2016

More and more people are removing telephones in their homes or apartments. The consumer sentiment is that it's more cost effective to use a Smartphone then to keep a telephone in their residence. Outside of having a home phone for calling an alarm/security company, most would agree there is no need for a home phone or a land line. As this trend continues, the one thing that remains is everyone wants and needs the ability to make international calls. Everyone still needs the ability to contact people from around the world regardless of the type of phone access they have.… Read More

Materials - App review

June 21st, 2016

Almost everyone is familiar with the stock market. Chances are you stock market and global financial market information displayed on countless website that you visit.  Or, your local nightly TV news station is discussing how the stock market did for the day.  However, what many people are not familiar with is Commodities or the commodity markets.  A Commodity is a raw material or primary agricultural product that can be bought and sold. Commodity-based money and commodity markets in a crude early form are believed to have originated in Sumer between 4500 BC and 4000 BC. Sumerians first used clay tokens… Read More

Study Ninja - App Review

June 1st, 2016

It seems now more than ever it can be a challenge to get kids and young adults alike to focus on their school work. Why? The majority of kids are more focused on seeing the latest Tweet, Snapchat video or Instagram post than their school work. This is something that has become a very big problem on a global scale. How can you solve the problem of letting kids keep their Smartphone and Tablets, while keeping focused on their homework and studies? The answer just might be Study Ninja. Study Ninja is an amazing app that wants to make studying… Read More