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instaPress - App Review

October 1st, 2013

Create beautiful, publishable e-books today, straight from your iPhone or iPod Touch, using instaPress, developed by Bookemon Inc.  instaPress, just released this past month, is the newest addition to an already impressive line of ebook creation software apps, available for the iPad and iPhone and is simply the fastest way to create a high-quality print book, directly from your phone, in literally minutes. Writing enthusiasts looking to get your work on actual print, parents and teachers alike are sure to be thrilled after creating their own books to use for their loved ones, whether it is as a teaching tool,… Read More

Hidden Artifact Agency - App Review

September 25th, 2013

Hidden Artifact Agency is a free puzzle/mystery game with great gameplay and an excellent story, which will surely keep players hooked, wanting to uncover the rest of the story. Available for the iPad only, Hidden Artifact Agency’s graphics are what we noticed immediately and really makes this app shine. Follow Alex the inspector through his journey as you uncover the story that Hidden Artifact Agency has to tell.Beyond its graphics, Hidden Artifact Agency is a game that has what many others are lacking today, depth. This app boasts an aforementioned encompassing storyline, exciting characters and a brand new mystery to… Read More

Cricket Videos - App Review

September 25th, 2013

Cricket is a sport that has been played for an extremely long time, all over the world and although there is no major professional cricket league in the United States, you can always find cricket players whacking away at the ball in many parks on Saturdays and Sundays. Cricket enthusiasts can rejoice, as CricketVideo, available for the iPhone, iPad and Android devices, brings the largest distributor of Cricket DVDs right into the palm of your hand.For those who are looking to learn about Cricket, or those who have been telling the stories of legends for years, CricketVideo’s extras section is… Read More

Florida Home Builders of Ocala - App Review

September 24th, 2013

Ocala, Florida is a hidden gem located in central Florida that is a great place to live or vacation. Ocala, which is located a short 72 miles from Orlando has great weather all year round, because the region is located 80-90 feet above sea level, which makes for great weather in the winter time. Florida Home Builders of Ocala is an  app that makes buying or selling your property in Ocala a breeze. The app is really sharp, the graphics are simple but crisp and effective and the menu/UI is fantastic. Users are able to scroll through three pages of… Read More

Perdrix Txt Reader - App Review

September 17th, 2013

Often times, apps developers develop apps that look great, but don’t really function well. Perdrix Text reader however, is not mean to blow you away with fancy graphics, but it is sure to wow users with its excellent functionality and simple user interface, that just gets the job done. Upon opening Perdrix, users will find a simple four page tutorial on how to use the app and some of its basic features. One of the first things we noticed (and loved) about Perdrix, is the real book feel that users get right off the bat. Reading enthusiasts and parents everywhere… Read More

Quickplan Pro - App Review

August 28th, 2013

Project planning can often be tedious and difficult to manage, because of all of the detail necessary to most projects. Quickplan Pro for the iPad is the perfect solution for anyone that needs to create plans on a regular basis. This gorgeous app provides an efficient solution for project planning for any type of project imaginable. Quickplan opens up with a video, (that can be skipped), which goes through the basics of what you can do with the app. From architecture, to business plans and weddings, Quickplan Pro is easily the best project planning app on the iTunes App Store.The… Read More

Topps Kick - App Review

August 26th, 2013

Topps KICK, the exclusive digital trading card game of the 2013/2014 Barclays Premier League, is the perfect mesh of fantasy football and a digital trading card game. Football fans all over the world can now rejoice, because this app brings the Barclays Premier League right to your iPhone, iTouch or iPad. Check out the latest news from the Barclays Premier League on the news section of the Topps KICK app, to make sure you have your best starting 11 to earn the most coins possible.Getting started is a breeze, sign up via Facebook (to earn extra coins), Twitter, or just… Read More

Squaregatory - App Review

August 23rd, 2013

Get that little white cube out of Squaregatory, by using your iOS device's accelerometer in this extremely: fun, addicting, challenging and innovative game, developed by Intrepid Kid, LLC. With three chapters and 60 unique, challenging levels, gamers will be enthralled by this puzzle adventure; guide the little white cube to safety, from darkness into light and out of the world of malicious squares.Squaregatory is extremely easy to grasp, as all one has to do is tilt their device, in the direction they want the cube to move; the more tilt applied, the quicker the cube moves in the given direction.… Read More