App Reviews

Leadership In a Flash - App Review

July 8th, 2013

Where would we be without our nation's past and present leaders? Perhaps the answer is up for debate, but the fact remains - leadership is  a skill that can be honed through the practice of techniques, just like any other skill. Leadership isn't just important in government; whether you realize it or not, leaders are guiding their teams in industries of all kinds, including: sales, corporate companies, military units, and sports teams. Leadership even manages to show up in ad campaigns that advocate certain types of good behavior. Leadership in a Flash is a fantastic app the embodies the essence… Read More

Aspec Mobile - App Review

July 1st, 2013

Designed for business pros, and small business owners on the go, Aspec Mobile is a wonderful sales tracking app, that is sure to keep you productive, organized and most importantly, profitable, hopefully. While the app can’t guarantee that you are going to be profitable, it will certainly help with creating and customizing sales reports, to help you and your team, meet the goals that need to be met.Aspec Mobile uses a patented method that will help users understand the sales process, model sales cycles with the provided information and can easily test the cycle with respect to the model that… Read More

Spiceworks - App Review

June 26th, 2013

If your line of work is information technology, commonly referred to as “IT,” or if you are the owner or manager of a business that employs an IT employee, Spiceworks is a must have app and far and away, one of the best IT management apps I have seen in a long time. Spiceworks, designed specifically for IT professionals, allows quick and seamless access for everything in your current IT network, anywhere. The app is available on Google Play Market for Android devices, as well as on the iTunes store for, iPhone, iTouch and iPad and is optimized for the… Read More

Farm School - App Review

June 24th, 2013

When new children are brought into the world, they are constantly learning, evolving and making connections with their environments and surroundings; in this day and age, technology has moved to the forefront of helping youngsters learn and educational apps are extremely popular with today’s parents. Educational apps range from books, to learning tools, to new games and even manage to bring back some old classics that we’ve all had as children. You all remember the toy, that you would have to spin and animal sounds would come out, depending on where the arrow landed — Farm School!, developed by a… Read More

Sneakerology - App Review

June 17th, 2013

Michael Jordan is arguably the best athlete to ever play the game of basketball, and with his rise came the rise of sneakers, not only as a fashion statement, but also as collector’s items. Sneakerheads from all over the planet flock to their local sneaker stores and even wait on line, overnight in certain situations in order to get that newest, hottest, pair of sneakers that is coming out. The problem with that is however, that with so many different brands following suit, keeping up with release dates for all of the hot sneakers that are being released, is not… Read More

Will Crafter - App Review

June 16th, 2013

We all know that when a loved one or a family member passes on, a difficult and confusing time can follow, especially when the deceased’s affairs are not in order. In many instances, the families involved aren’t familiar with putting these affairs in order and in other cases, people can’t afford to pay exorbitant prices to set these things up. Among the many important things that need to be addressed, is the person’s will, which dictates how the person’s estate is handled post-mortem. Will Crafter for the iPad is a great tool, which will not only educate a person about… Read More