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Emoji Animated - App Review

August 12th, 2013

With so many different emoji apps to choose from, separating the great emoji apps from the rest is very tedious and difficult, because most emoji apps are very vanilla. Emoji Animated, developed by AlhoGames, sets the bar for emoji applications by giving users endless customization options in creating, cute, unique animated emoji that are sure to please your family, friends and extended social network.Setting up the app is extremely simple, download it, open it and it gives you exact directions on how to setup the emoji keyboard that the app can use to create your custom animations. All you have… Read More

Health and Wellness Coaching Tips and Tools - App Review

August 9th, 2013

The digital revolution has directly led to people, in general, being more informed and having greater knowledge of a variety of topics; one topic that has really thrived, especially in recent years is Health and Wellness. Diseases such as obesity, high blood pressure and high cholesterol impact millions of Americans and people all over the world, but now we have the tools to eat healthy and live healthy. With so many different opinions however, sometimes people have difficulty finding what works for them. This is where Health & Wellness Coaching Tips & Tools can help fill the void for people… Read More

Now I Know: My World - App Review

August 7th, 2013

With early childhood education at the forefront of cognitive development in children, it is extremely important for young children to interact, workout their brains, which in turn develops neural connections that can stick with a child for life. Now I Know: My World, developed by Ideas4ed, in conjunction with Montessori licensed teachers, is a great early educational app, that can be used by children as young as the age of two. My World gives young children a basic introduction to the world’s continents and allows children to complete the tasks provided by the app, at their own pace.My World will… Read More

Egyptian Senet - App Review

August 5th, 2013

More often than not, mobile gaming apps require little to no thought and are so to speak, “mindless games.” Egyptian Senet, developed by Mohammed Ezzat, is exactly the opposite of a mindless game. Similar to backgammon, (which is one of the most commonly played games, around the world), this game is addicting, mentally engaging and is all in all, a really fun strategic “board game.” Nominated for the World Summit Award 2013 in e-Entertainment & Games from Egypt, and winner of multiple awards in Egypt, Egyptian Senet is available for people all over the world to play and enjoy.We all… Read More

Picture Collage Maker - App Review

July 29th, 2013

With all of the different ways that people are connecting with their friends, family and loved ones, people are always looking for new apps to enhance their social experience. PearlMountain Technology has done a fantastic job of doing exactly this. They took something that people have loved doing for ages, making collages and crafted it into one perfectly made app, Picture Collage Maker - Pic Frame & Photo Collage Editor for Instagram.The app is beautifully designed, has a very simple user interface, but really shines in its endless customization options. Within minutes of opening the app, we were very impressed… Read More

My Products-Shop Smarter Socially - App Review

July 9th, 2013

Worldwide the interconnectivity of people is rapidly accelerating through the use of social media. It seems there is a social community or network for many different areas of interest.  Electronic gadgets are no different, everyday people utilize a variety of gadgets to connect with others across the globe.  Now there is a way for people to connect and share the gadgets and other products they own, as well as those they desire. My Products developed by m-ize is the perfect app for people that are seeking reviews, recommendations, and advice for products they are considering for purchase.  Additionally My Products… Read More

Leadership In a Flash - App Review

July 8th, 2013

Where would we be without our nation's past and present leaders? Perhaps the answer is up for debate, but the fact remains - leadership is  a skill that can be honed through the practice of techniques, just like any other skill. Leadership isn't just important in government; whether you realize it or not, leaders are guiding their teams in industries of all kinds, including: sales, corporate companies, military units, and sports teams. Leadership even manages to show up in ad campaigns that advocate certain types of good behavior. Leadership in a Flash is a fantastic app the embodies the essence… Read More

Aspec Mobile - App Review

July 1st, 2013

Designed for business pros, and small business owners on the go, Aspec Mobile is a wonderful sales tracking app, that is sure to keep you productive, organized and most importantly, profitable, hopefully. While the app can’t guarantee that you are going to be profitable, it will certainly help with creating and customizing sales reports, to help you and your team, meet the goals that need to be met.Aspec Mobile uses a patented method that will help users understand the sales process, model sales cycles with the provided information and can easily test the cycle with respect to the model that… Read More