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Rocket Rod

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App Description

A fun, 3D infinite runner, with quality original artwork and an easy one-tap control system - you need to time your taps well as the rockets thruster need to build up momentum before it will switch direction.

Guide your RocketRod around obstacles in a challenging ride through a futuristic city, while collecting as many coins as possible, without crashing your car!

With five un-lockable rocket cars to choose from: FooRocket, Police Cruiser, ScooterPod, LadyRocket and the ultimate RocketRod. Each vehicle comes with a corresponding blinged-out version painted in eye-catching gold - the hottest rocket car on the grid!

Players start with the default FooRocket - a bulky car that is a challenge to manoeuvre around the obstacles.
Unlocking the other vehicles is part of the fun, especially the ScooterPod, which makes it easier to squeeze through tighter spaces!

Improve your high-score and earn free coins to unlock your next rocket car, and claim top spot on the Leaderboards.