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ROOL by Roulette Experts

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App Description

ROOL is an app created by casino gaming experts, data scientists and social entrepreneurs that want to help with fighting the addictive online gambling problem.

ROOL is designed to put the advantage in the hands of the online roulette gamers, enabling him or her to make more accurate bets at the roulette wheel. By providing tools about the pattern studies of the wheel to predict where the ball is most likely to land, tracking the wheel's history and determining its bias, ROOL could help you to find out which numbers/areas are more likely to hit. Moreover, we created this app for helping addictive gamblers to gain more game sense!

What does VWT mean?
VWT is well-documented amongst gamers - "Visual Wheel Tracking". The motions of the roulette wheel are actually predictable, and figuring out the equation that dictates where the ball is going to land is more than possible if you have the aid of a computer. Of course you don't need to look at the air resistance and friction of the ball and the wheel. What you need to do is look at all is the data we provided you and find out the most hit area. Focus on that area and you'll win.

Why should you download this app?
Answer: House does cheat on you, all those machines are set up to TAKE your money and not to give you any, how can you fight with them without a proper tool. So far this is absolutely the most professional app in the world that specially design to effectively fight the house!

I saw many roulette strategies apps out there on the internet, what's the difference?
Answer: We developed this app with the help from roulette gaming experts across the world. This is so far the most professional app and useful tool for roulette gamers. We have seven different tools specifically targeting different system players. For example, our filter tool is for outside bets players. Wheel tool with letter system is for straight bets players etc.

Do you have user manual or instruction or forum?
Answer: YES, we do.