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Safari School

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App Description

*** No ads & in-app purchases ***
*** Educational activities designed by early learning experts ***

Safari School by IntellectoKids takes children on a delightful train adventure with Leo the Cat to learn colors, sorting, counting and numbers.

- Over 50 educational activities, designed by early learning experts
- Three age settings for children 3-4, 4-5 and 5-6 years old
- Tracks your child’s progress with personalized learning reports on Facebook Messenger
- Perfect for families, matches age or aptitude of multiple players
- Kid safe and completely ad-free
- No internet connection required

With Safari School, children practice their counting, sorting and color skills by loading the empty train carts with colorful fruits and vegetables to feed the elephant at a nearby zoo. Along the way, children encounter interactive surprises – including flowers that burst into full spring splendor, and beehives that unleash a whirl and buzz of bubble bees.

As children play, they are rewarded with accessories to customize and outfit Leo and his friends, paint to redecorate the train and amusing surprises that unlock the fun and learning at each train stop.

What could be better than trains, animals and surprises? Learning, that’s what!

IntellectoKids actively works with children and parents to create quality learning apps. We want to hear from you, so please do send us your feedback and suggestions! What would you like to see next? Share your ideas by sending a message to us via

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IntellectoKids designs educational games for preschoolers to jump start and enhance early learning skills around logic, math, reading and memory. Each game offers scaled learning that grows with a child as he/she plays, or allows multiple children of different ages and learning development to enjoy. In addition, all IntellectoKids games deliver a personalized game experience that tracks progress, always in a safe environment that is ad-free and never serves up in-app purchases.

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