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Slots Journey

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App Description

Slots Journey is a journey game! It will take you to the most interesting and beautiful places in the world and will also let you make some extra money!
You’ll begin your quest in Ancient Egypt. There you’ll see the pyramids and the Sphinx, go for a boat ride down the Nile, and relax in an oasis. It won’t all be smooth sailing as you’ll also have many challenges including, of course, fighting mummies for their treasures.
From Egypt, you’ll travel to other exciting locations such as China with its unique culture, the Caribbean during the age of pirates, Greece with its ancient myths, Transylvania with its vampires, and other fascinating locations. In addition to playing slots, you’ll also play many bonus games that will further pull you in and allow you to explore and experience these magical lands, all without leaving your computer.
Slots Journey is available not only through social networks (Facebook, Vkontakte, MoyMir), but also on portable devices using iOS or Android. The mobile versions aren’t simply condensations of the social network version. They are unique games with their own graphics, game play, and characters.