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Soccer Kick

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App Description

Welcome to Soccer Kick, the new One Touch Arcade game that is so simple to play but difficult to master. Easy to Play Football game

Soccer Kick is a simple game to be played in free time. As the player will move further in the game, they will be pushed farther from their target which keeps the challenge alive in the game. With each next level, the difficulty rises and keeps the user engaged for a long time.

This game is better than the other soccer ball games, because of its unique and exciting features. To play this game , Simply touch the screen and drag and pass it to the other play to aim the ball to the goal.

Your aim is to kick and hit the ball to the goal post and get the best shoot. Different strategies and techniques need to be used to hit the soccer ball to the goal post.

The game is designed to for shooting or Soccer game lovers and can be played by all the age groups. The app features easy and user friendly interface with easy to use controls.

In total, the game has three modes with 60 different fun and challenging levels which will keep the user interested and engages in the game for a long time. If you hit multiple objects as you kick the ball, you'll get awards and more points! You can select from 3 different modes: Snow County Willis Park and Scott Factory.

★★★ Download this challenging and fun free soccer kick ball game NOW! Play Soccer Kick on Google Play Store!!! ★★★