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Spirit of Adventure

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App Description

Spirit of Adventure takes the family on a imaginative journey fueled by Lily and the power of her imagination. The player helps Lily find her way through the whimsical woods, cave, and beyond by taking control of Lily's spirit companions: Pip (earth) Squirt (water) and Blaze (fire) to solve various environmental puzzles. In order to help Lily advance her adventure you must work quickly! Lily is also in an intense game of tag with the ever pursuing little monster! The family must work quickly to solve each puzzle within the time limit. Take too long, however and the little monster will tag Lily and it will be game over.
Spirit of Adventure is a family friendly puzzle adventure game. Designed for young children to have fun solving unique puzzles. Spirit of Adventure offers family fun with a unique puzzle adventure, that takes the whole family on Lily’s adventure fueled by her imagination in various environmental settings. . Spirit of Adventure is an on-going game development project, as we continue to create more family friendly content for your enjoyment.
Seven unique Levels
Fun yet challenging puzzles
22 Unique puzzles
Multiple Costumes available for purchase
Interactive environment
Elemental puzzles
Stylized chapters
Original sound track
On-going development
** will not run on Intel atom phones and tablets