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Squealock Messenger

App Description

Most of us are already weary about giving out our phone number to strangers, and for good reasons. It is a valuable medium that can be subjected to abuse by stalkers, and can at times be used by anyone to gather more personal data about you including your name, your address, your place of employment, and affiliations, among others, all without your consent.

Maybe you are an executive who needs to often communicate confidential information to your team through messaging. Maybe you have just met someone you would like to stay in touch with, but aren’t sure about giving them your phone number. Maybe you are a journalist that relies on a source whose identity must be protected at all cost; or maybe you are looking for a way to keep people from accessing your phone and reading your text messages.

Squealock is a secure messaging application that allows you to communicate through a changeable user ID without ever having to give out your phone number, and keeps your online identity completely anonymous. The application does not store messages on your phone in form of a chat log or history, and messages self-destruct once they are read.

-Your contacts must have your user ID in order to message you on the app. People can therefore only contact you, if you give them your user ID. Unlike a phone number there is no worry in giving out a user ID, because it can easily be changed. Once you change your user ID, the old user ID becomes invalid, and no one can use it to contact you anymore. It’s like being able to change your phone number as often as you wish, but without the hassle.

-Your messages are encrypted and cannot be read by anyone except the intended recipients; not even by us. We do not require your phone number nor access your phone contacts when you sign up.