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Starband Troopers

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App Description

Perspective troopers, this game is HARD, you had been warned.

Love a fun musical beat game? Crave for an epic adventure game? You get both in one!

Starband Troopers is a new breed of rhythm game that blends musical beat game with rogue-like adventure and infinite possibilities.

- RPG with beat game as the core of its battle mechanic.
- Randomly generated worlds that ensure every walkthroughs are different.
- Rich sci-fi setting with story-driven events.
- 100+ ensemble skills, 60+ augmentations and 9 instruments to customize your band.

Media Coverage:
"Adding rogue-like elements on top to give the game loads of depth? Now we're talkin'." - TouchArcade -

"Starband Troopers gives RPGs a fresh new rhythm. 4/5." - -

In distant future, the Banshees are master of the universe. Humanity had been enslaved and you are the their last voices! Your band had landed on Kataki, a backwater planet, who had recently been emitting strange energy signatures that belongs to an ancient powerful civilization. Your mission was to identify the source of the signature, rumored to be a type infinite energy source, before the Banshee does.