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Subliminal Vision Boards

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App Description

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We’ve taken the best of Subliminal technology and added it to the powerful tool of Vision Boards. There is no better time than NOW to visualize and attract your goals and dreams into reality. To Supercharge your results, we have implemented a Subliminal Take 5 feature where each of your images and affirmations are flashed at a speed where only your subconscious mind picks them up. Your Subconscious mind is much more powerful than your conscious mind and acts as a receiver. Using Subliminal Take 5 for only 5 minutes a day, you will subliminally manifest your dreams at an exponential rate reaching that powerhouse in your mind.

5 ways to achieve Goals and Dreams:

1. Decide what you want in your life:

To help you onto the path to your dreams, ask yourself these following questions?

When I was little I wanted to be....
If I could live anywhere it would be...
I have always wanted to visit...
My happy place is...
My favorite car is...
I've always wanted to...
If I could do anything it would be...
Do I have the Love I deserve in my life?
What activity would make me jump out of bed to do?
If I could change one thing in my life it would be...

2. Display your Goals and Dreams: Now that you have an idea of your dreams again, the next step is to display them on your vision board. You can find exactly what you want using Google Images or your own images.

3. Energy and Emotion: This is a big key to achieving your life goals. When you put energy and emotion onto an idea , that creates a powerful vibrational feedback system. The stronger the emotion the faster the universe picks up on that frequency. So Dream Big when choosing your images.

4. Visualize: Placing images of your Goals and Dreams on our Vision Board will give you an easy and convenient place to visualize want you want.

5. Repetition: The Take 5 notification Set Up, allows you to receive a notification reminder for you to Take 5 minutes to focus on your dreams and goals. You will become aligned with your dreams and goals exponentially each time you use it.

Included are the following features:

• Create and save Unlimited Vision Boards - Every board is saved to “My Vision Boards”

• Take 5 Subliminal - 5 minutes or more of Subliminal Messaging, including a manifesting summary

• Take 5 Subliminal Notifications - Set up by day and time

• Customize Images and Backgrounds - Search Google Images, upload photos from photo gallery or take a photo

• Auto Save - Every edit is automatically saved

• Save to Phone - Save Vision Boards to photo gallery

• Preset Affirmations - Includes 12 Affirmation themes with over 100 preset Affirmations

• Share your boards - Each board can be sent as a Text or Email

• Share on Social Media - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, Pinterest and Tumblr

• Advanced image editing - Images can be layered or masked

• Full Color Spectrum - For Backgrounds, Text and Frames

• Preset Frames - Over 30 frames to choose from

• Customize Text - Choose from a variety of different fonts and colors

You can create a friendship collage, money, love, vacation or career board. You can even send one as a gift!

"Are You Enjoying Your Desires?" ~ Dr. Wayne Dyer

Every time you use this app, you will manifest and attract want you want more in your Life!
You are a Creator in Motion

Let your imagination awaken inside you and have fun creating your future today!