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TalkNotes Plus

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App Description

TalkNotes Plus is a Business Productivity tool that allows you to enter and review notes for your contacts during a call. In this new release the app is now free, and we resolved most known Android Kit Kat (4.4.2) upgrade issues.

We welcome report on any additional issues found. For information on upgrading from previous versions and other information please visit our site.

Main Features:
* Extended Caller Identification on call ringing
* Automated Activation of App on Call Pick up or Hang up
* Easy Notes entry with association with contact, and review of existing notes
* Set Appointments and Reminders Integrated to Google Calendar
* General purpose notes entry with sound file and picture attachment
* Notes full search, sort and filter capabilities, based on fields like contact, date of note create, etc.
* Notes sharing through SMS or email. Email could have attachments like sound and picture files.
* Backup and Recovery to Cloud
* Export Call Log to MS Excel

Other Features
The call ringing dialog provides additional information on the caller beyond the caller name, like company, department, matter, special description of contact, as well note on the last conversation.

TalkNotes Plus contact information is built on the standard Android native contact database. It provides alternative means of accessing the contact list, with enhancements like allowing sort order by company, first/last name, last name/first name, as well as providing list of notes associated with contact through the quick menu.

Task & Call Reminder features have been redesigned for better productivity. You can attach reminders to a Call Log item, for example to follow up a missed call as well as create a reminder during a call. The ToDo List allows batch follow up like making a series of calls.
The Task or Reminder notifications appear in the notification tray, with full contact details, call agenda notes, click to dial etc.