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Productivity Browser: Tangram

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App Description

Tangram (BETA) is efficient mobile browsing and search; re-imagined. Tangram is for professionals, knowledge workers, the mobile enterprise, and power users who want to minimize time and effort & maximize productivity on mobile.

The computing experience, environment, and screen-size on mobile is very different from PCs and far from convenient. For users like you who rely on the web for information, knowledge, and decisions, current mobile browsers are frustrating to use. Tangram was built, designed, and structured to guarantee productivity wherever you are. Tangram is quite simply, the most efficient mobile browser on Android.

Tangram allows you to search, browse, & explore multiple links from the mobile web without wasted actions or losing context. Tangram automates various aspects of this procedure to ensure you can complete sessions with the least amount of time & effort.

Tangram provides tools & features that help you annotate, capture, highlight, organize or group websites and entire sessions to your needs and objectives. Tangram provides analytics for sessions and empowers you to make the most out of your information.

Tangram's entire architecture was designed to ultimately help you store. You can save entire sessions, continue sessions from where you left off, or start new sessions without losing past progress. Experience not merely the start, but the completion of your sessions.

Tangram enables productivity and efficiency. By reducing the time and effort needed to start, let alone finish entire search and browsing sessions on your most portable, accessible device, we allow you to spend time on completing tasks and making informed decisions. Decisions that define who you are. Try out the most efficient browser on mobile: Tangram.

• FAB: Input (multiple) queries, URL's at any point by simply pressing an omnipresent FAB on your screen.
• Swipe-based UI: Swipe tabs to further analyze, allocate, and ultimately store websites.
• Tabs: Browser tabs that group, display interactions with websites, and reflect actions on websites.
• Link-Handling (Default Browser): Open links in other apps and see it automatically appear on Tangram.

Improve your mobile productivity with Tangram (BETA)! The revolutionary mobile browser that has re-imagined how we can efficiently seek, stack, and store websites + online information on mobile without the limits of screen size! 

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